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Warning About Using Our Scales Without Permission

29.11.2019Doç. Dr. Mithat Durak


  • When you send an e-mail to me for scale usage permits, you will be returned as soon as possible.
  • E-mail can be sent to or for the quick response.
  • The name of the research, the names of the research executive and the researchers, and the sample information must be included in the scale usage permission e-mail sent to me.
  • Also, if the research is thesis research, the name of the thesis advisor should be attached to the e-mail.
  • Ethical and legal processes will be operated by me in the use of scales without permission.
  • After obtaining the scale permission from me, you can access the scale you are interested in as a member of my website (


Psychometric measurement tools that we have developed for universal usage or adapted into Turkish Culture can use in scientific studies and applications that are not for commercial purposes with permission from me. You may contact me for copyright for commercial purposes. In the use of scales without permission; all kinds of legal rights are reserved, I can apply to ethical and legal processes when necessary.

In all kinds of use of our scales; The reference of our scale should be given as footnotes at the bottom of every page reproduced for the scale. Otherwise, this permission is invalid even if the permission of the relevant scale has been obtained by me for use.

This permission does not include permission to publish all or some of our scales as seen by third parties. For example, this scale usage permit we give you does not include the permission to publish all or some of our scale items in the appendix section in your thesis/manuscript/article. You should pay attention to this issue and not publish the items of our scales in any way as seen by third parties. If you publish all and/or some of the scale items in a place that third parties can see, I reserve all kinds of legal rights, and if necessary, I can apply to ethical and legal processes.

When you register on my website (, you can access the scale you want to use, information about the scale and the article to be cited. For this, please enter all the information in the registration form completely, do not show the attitude of keeping the information requested from you. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the scale you are interested in as your membership has not been approved.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mithat Durak