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Work Stress Scale for Correctional Officers


Correctional officers faced with many stressful situations in their workplaces and other areas of their lives (family life, health, social life, etc.). Some conditions that can lead to stress are listed below. Please indicate how much these situations influence you by checking the appropriate option. Carefully read each item and not skip any item.

01 Economic problems02 Insufficient division of labor in the workplace03 Work overload04 Intentions of the personnel’s, prisoners’, and visitors’ breaking down the rules of the prison05 Not being able to participate in social activities (e.g. sports, reading, cinema) due to my work06 Having to control prisoners’ inappropriate behaviors07 Insufficiency of the working environment to meet such needs as drinking, eating, etc08 The risk of being threatened particularly due to my position09 The prison managers’ ignorance of the needs and ideas of the personnel10 Not having enough quality time with family due to my work11 Being held responsible for someone else’s misconduct at work12 Being involved in arguments and fights with prisoners13 Having health problems due to my work14 Not being able to work in the area that I’m proficient in15 Prisoners, visitors, and lawyers not agreeing with the correctional officers’ body search16 Fearing crime report about myself17 Ignoring the needs of my family due to my work18 Being under suspicion on a misconduct19 Arbitrary decisions and frequent changes in decision20 Reflecting my work problems on my family21 The ambiguity of instructions at work22 Not being able to declare my opinions anywhere23 Having to be cautious all the time at work24 Insufficiency of the physical conditions (e.g. ventilation, lightening, heating) in the work place25 Feeling myself as a prisoner26 Being inspected by various committees in the workplace27 Managers’ differences in their attitudes and behaviors towards prisoners28 Transportation problems when commuting to and from my work29 Night shifts leading to the additional workload30 In the community, my job is referred to as “key keeper” rather than “prison guard” (implying the applications of harsh discipline)31 Obstruction of performing my routine work by the commands of the prison authorities32 Encountering unusual events (e.g. run away, rebellion, fire) in the workplace33 Having insufficient time with my friends and relatives due to my work34 Insufficient communication means (e.g. TV, radio) in the workplace35 Excessive responsibilities of my position



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Şenol-Durak, Emre, Durak, Mithat, & Gençöz, Tülin. (2006). Development of work stress scale for correctional officers. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 16(1), 153-164. doi: 10.1007/s10926-005-9006-z