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Mithat DURAK, 05.02.2009, Bolu

Life Event Inventory for Prisoners (LIEP)


Below are the fields of problems that prisoners and convicts exprerience in prison. Please read each section carefully, and consider how often you have experienced that kind of event or problem in the last month, and how important the problem was for you,and score it with the proper number. Please try to score each section and not to miss one. 

01 Being apart from my family and my love ones02 Nutrition-related problems03 Problems that my family is experiencing04 Lack of leisure-time activities and cultural activities05 Excessive bureaucratic work06 Inadequacy related to thetelephone calls07 Cleanliness-related problems08 Rules and limitations on meetings with visitors09 Problems related to the canteen10 Lack of relationships with the other prisoners/convicts in the prison11 Thoughts of false-inprisonment12 Problems arising from the attitudes and behaviours of the manager (prosecutor, director, subdirector) 13 Economic failures/problems14 Problems related to letters and publications (journal, newsletter, etc.)15 Problems arising from the attitudes and behaviours of the personnel (psychologists, doctors, correctionalofficers, etc.)16 Worries/uncertainities about the future17 Obligation to comply with the rules during counts and searchs18 Lack of possibilities related to water, electricity, air condition, heating etc. İn prison19 Inadequacy in social areas and environments20 General health problems

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Şenol, E. (2003). The situational and the personality factors predicting depression and anxiety of prisoners. Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.